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HR & Payroll

Quickmas HR is design to organizing your company employee hiring, staff’s management, employee’s related issues like recruiting, hiring, departments assignments, department’s collaboration salaries generation, performance management, allowances and increments.
Payroll and overtime functions involve calculate salaries, wages, overtime, deductions and tax from payroll data.

Talent Acquisition

  1. Create applicants from incoming mail, jobs site or in-house CV drop by applicant and keep track on the database.
  2. Track the history of applicant for invite interview.

Managing Human Resources

  1. Define employees' salaries and expenses.
  2. Create repeated invoices once for employee salaries.
  3. Auto generate salary invoices every period from repeated invoices.
  4. After generate salary need to analysis and approve the salary statement to pay.
  5. Before pay salary need to analysis and approve the salary statement in every period.
  6. Manage employees' allowances and deductions dynamically.
  7. Define employee categories to assign different Holiday’s rights to different employee groups.
  8. Define contract types and wage types with start and end dates for contracts as well as trial periods.
  9. Attendance automated with approved leave and approved absent.
  10. Track the history of the employees Education, experience, training & performance etc.

Leave & Holiday Management

  1. Define different leave types.
  2. Employee apply for leave with supporting documents
  3. Settle leave applications with approval or rejection.
  4. Manage leave applications and approvals.
  5. Track previous leave applications.


  1. Attendance from access control device or auto present system which manage by leave application and absent
  2. Manage attendance through leave and holiday plan.
  3. Keep track of differences between movements and attendance.

Movement and Expenses

  1. Employee claim for daily expense by the movement form.
  2. Employee request for a salary advance.
  3. Approve/Settle claims and request by authorize person.
  4. Track the Conveyance/Expenses with daily movement.

Payroll Management

  1. Basic, DA, Hra, Conveyance and other configurable deduction and allowance heads including loans, advances, incentives etc.
  2. Bonus calculation and dynamic option to create it’s rule.
  3. Dynamic option for attendance incentive which will add in the salary statement for further analysis.
  4. Dynamic option for absent deduction which will add in the salary statement for further analysis.

Overtime Management

Overtime is the time worked beyond an agreed workweek. Overtime can wreak havoc on the operating budget of companies. It therefore needs to be handled with care. To prevent excessive overtime, organizations set an annual or monthly cap on overtime hours. In many of them, a few number of employees makes up for the biggest share of total overtime. Such a disparity should raise a red flag because people who routinely log more hours are candidates for fatigue-related errors.

Process Activities of Overtime

  1. Overtime Claim: Overtime claim from access control device or Claim for overtime for employees.
  2. Review Claim: Review overtime with timing and overtime rate.
  3. Approve Claim: Approve overtime which will add in the salary statement for further analysis.

Employee Development

  1. Update the employee development in education, training and other activity
  2. Tack the history of development, managers comment and performance


  1. KPI is based on customizable dynamic parameters
  2. Customize the KPI parameters,
  3. The final review and evaluation is done based on KPI


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