LC Management

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LC or Letter of Credit plays an important role in business activities. LC management includes various processes. ERP software for LC management module automates all the procedures of LC easily & orders are created for products and services. Different types of LC depending on client’s proposal are managed for both import and export depending on their business. Creation of LC documents from invoices for given period.

ERP import module records all the imported budget of goods and commodities & follows up its execution. Currency conversion is easily completed by LC management module. Calculating and distributing of LC’s expenses on the items. Electronic and digital signatures can be added with the help of ERP for LC management. Export LC and its relevant document generation is also a feature in LC management module.

Tracking documentation and financial information efficiently and accurately of LCs are the vital business processes.


  • Cost-benefit analysis and comparison
  • HS Code based costing and landed cost analysis
  • Comparative Statements (CS) generation
  • LC amendment history
  • Integration with purchase modules
  • Shipment tracking
  • Auto generation of commercial documents
  • Fund realization and allocations
  • LC Margin and BG management
  • Analytical reports for management and customs

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