Standard Accounting


Accounting Management

Quickmas does all of your accounting for you, quick and accurately each time you make a purchase or sale. Generate real-time reports like profit and loss report, balance sheet and several statements and summary, you can be confident that everything is correct.

Accounting with codes or without codes.
Transactions prepare and approve from journal voucher, receive voucher, payment voucher, contra voucher and adjustment voucher.
Expense can generate for one time or generate repeatedly for monthly, 2 monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly for expected period.
Can trace each entry/transaction with respective user.
Automatic depreciation: If you insert depreciation rates of your various category of asset at once quickmas auto calculation system calculates the depreciation and update written down value of asset at end of every month.
Automatic bank reconciliation: Bank book balance in the software and bank balance in the bank's website always balanced/reconciled if entries are not pending. So needn't check current balance from bank or from bank statement for issue a cheque.
quickmas does all of your accounting for you, quick and accurately each time you make a purchase or sale. Generate real-time reports like monthEnd-wise/yearEnd-wise 'Trial Balance' 'Profit & Loss Report', 'Balance Sheet', 'Cash Flows' and ‘Changes of Equity’ with ‘Notes to the Accounts’ .And several statements like month-wise 'Receive & Payment', 'Income & Expense', 'Purcsase & Sales', ‘Returns’ and summary, you can be confident that everything is correct.

Inventory Management

One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is learning how to effectively manage your inventory so you have what your customers need and want without having much excess. Whether it's deciding what and how much to order, when to order, keeping an accurate count of your products, and knowing how to handle excess and shortages, knowing how to control inventory properly will help ensure your business's success.

Automatic Inventory Requisition or Re-order.
Multiple-location warehouse management.
Stock ageing, thus helping you to dispose off old stocks quickly.
Deliver sales orders with delivery notes/Challan.
Receive products with receiving notes.

Warehouse Management Software

  1. Paperless Receiving:
    A paperless system allows all of this data to be captured electronically when items are received and relayed automatically to the ERP system.
    An automated, paperless system not only reduces the margin of error in receiving, but also makes the data available for other areas such as inventory or production.
  2. Real-time put-away:
    One of the major benefits of a Quickmas WMS is that ability of the system to use the receiving information to allocate suitable location in the warehouse for received items in real time. This significantly reduces the put-away processing times and ensures that every item in the warehouse is locatable and accounted for.
  3. Ease of Use:
    Quickmas WMS is easy to use from the start, offering simple and understandable interfaces that will require far less training time. The interface also leave little room for error – clear menu screens and logical steps should lead users through their tasks with minimal effort.
  4. A Proven Track Record:
    Before you make the investment on a warehouse management system, research some of the other customers who have used Quickmas WMS. Did the system meet their expectations and needs? How was the customer support? Positive feedback from other customers is a good gauge for the efficacy and usefulness of the system and its supplier.

Distribution Management

Distributor Management

Emerging markets are large and complex with thousands of distributors, millions of outlets, and billions of potential transactions. How can your company take control? How can you manage your people and promotions while still cutting costs? And, most important of all, how can we make it easy?

The QUICKMAS DMS, which is a distributor management and sales force automation system, rolled into one. It covers the complete down-stream supply chain, helping you control promotions, improve productivity, streamline inventory and sales processes, and distributor claims - and get accurate, reliable data on your secondary sales.

Trade Promotion Management

Just think. If you could see the effectiveness of your trade spend to enable decisions as you go, track which promotions were working to boost ROI, increase market share and counteract competitor activity. Just imagine if you could spot inefficiencies and forecast accurately.

In a world that is more connected, where the consumer has more choice, wouldn’t it be good to know which promotions are winners?


Sales Force Automation

Streamline your workflow with Route to Market (RTM

Keep your sales team on track with automated task prompts and reminders to reach out to specific leads. Once completed, select a task outcome to automatically trigger the next action. With QUICKMAS sales-force task automation, you can:
  1. Include any customer information in your task notification so you’re prepared to follow up with all the information needed to build rapport.
  2. Set next steps to occur automatically based on the unique outcomes of each task so each lead receives personalized follow-up.
  3. Assign individual tasks to specific members of your team so everyone stays on-task and on the same page.

Streamline your workflow with sales automation

Your route to market is how you you sell your product and how you plan your sales. It's one of the most important things to get right: if you don't sell the way your customers want, they won't buy your product. With QUICKMAS Route to Market automation, you can:
  1. Assign daily sales target for route
  2. Order taking, payment, delivery and print from offline/online mobile app
  3. Sales performance and return
  4. Assign route plan and found real time location visited status
  5. PJP (Permanent Journey Plan) will be cross checked with the location of each field forces

Procurement Management

Procurement Management is a key factor to running a successful company because it helps you meet business goals and live up to stakeholders’ expectations.

QUICKMAS procurement process will help you to:

  1. Identify the goods and services to procure
  2. Complete Purchase Orders and issue to suppliers
  3. Agree on delivery time-frames and methods
  4. Receive goods and services from suppliers
  5. Review and accept the items procured
  6. Approve supplier payments
This Procurement Management Process will enable you to:
  • Identify supplier contract milestones
  • Review supplier performance against contract
  • Identify and resolve supplier performance issues
  • Communicate the status to management

Asset Tracking

You can track and manage ownership of all your assets in a single view. Gain enterprise-wide asset visibility and control to manage all your IT and non-IT assets. With integrated Purchase order and Contract management system, you can be assured that all your assets are managed from the day of purchase till the EOL (End-of-Life), with contracts, renewals, etc. It assets can be scanned, software licenses can be managed and ensured compliance and audit history can be maintained with proper reporting.

Stationary Tracking

Most likely your company maintains a selection of office supplies for employee use, which means you need to maintain a consistently updated list of inventory purchased and used within a specific accounting period. An accurate inventory serves a two-fold purpose: it helps ensure your business does not run out of necessary office supplies, and it allows you to properly account for office supply purchases as assets or liabilities under an accrual system of accounting.

depreciation Management System

  • Provides significant improvements in efficiency and control over fixed assets.
  • Efficient in data entry, report preparation and data look-up.
  • Gives a complete overview of fixed assets at every stage.
  • Automatic depreciation: If you insert depreciation rates of your various category of asset at once Quickmas auto calculation system calculates the depreciation and update written down value of asset at end of every month.
  • Improved Asset Control.
  • Improved Asset Management & Financial planning.
  • Purchasing information.
  • Audit procedures & accurate audit trail.
  • Equipment planning & replacement management.
  • Maintenance & warranty information.
  • Reduced labor & administration costs.
  • Optimum asset utilization.

VAT Manager

    Vat Features:
    Sales of Goods/Services(Mushak 11)
    Receiving of Finish Goods(Mushak 17)
    Purchase Invoice(Mushak 16)
    Issue of material as per BOM(Mushak 12ga)
    Category-wise material listing
    Category-wise product listing

    Required Reports:
    Mushak-1/1KA/1KHA/1GA/1GHA (Price Declaration)
    Mushak-11/11KA/11GA (VAT Challan patro)
    Mushak-12 (Credit Note)
    Mushak-12KA (Debit Note)
    Mushak-12KHA (BDS Certificate)
    Mushak-16 (Purchase Register)
    Mushak-17 (Sales Register)
    Mushak-18 (Current Account)
    Mushak-19 (VAT Return Dakhil patra)
    Mushak-20 (Application for Export)
    Mushak-22 (Application for Duty Drawback)
    Mushak-26 (Application for Disposable of Unusable Inputs)
    Mushak-27 (Application for Disposable of Unusable Products)
    Mushak-31 (Treasury Receipts)

    Software Features:
    Auto generated VAT registers and reports
    Data import and export facilities
    3rd party integrations

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