Base Software




Price quote and sales ordering process
Create and send professional invoices
Track customers payment
Receive customers payment and print automated money receipt
Manage by invoice-wise payment or bulk or fraction payment
Multiple warehouse management
Responsive design for PC/Mobile/Tablet

Browser POS


Operate from any browser using internet
Work online for instant update in your central cloud server
Make sales invoice by receiving cash, by credit card or pay later
Product exchange and return policy
All data will store in cloud with multiple backup systems
Print from any POS printer
Multiple warehouse management
Bangla and English both language

Android POS


Multi-languages android app
Seamlessly operate by offline and online mode
Print with WiFi or bluetooth printer
Product exchange/return as per permission
Know your inventory with outlet to outlet transfer facility
Know your sales and sales person performance
Record daily expense

eCommerce Website


You don't need to create your website. Just subscribe the eCommerce service and choose a template/theme from our design store then quickmas website builder automatically build a website for you from your product catelog
The website will displayed on your own domain
Get additional orders from your website
Your personalized eCommerce App for your customers

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