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A strong distribution channel plays a crucial role in the FMCG industry as it ensures that the products are delivered to the stores on time. An expensive supply chain will also add to the cost. Moreover, the distribution model is divided into two parts, one part is direct, and another part is indirect. In the direct state, the transaction occurs between the manufacturers and clients without the interference of the third party. In the indirect state, the manufacturers sell the product through a distribution channel to its clients.

The best way to list down the ‘must have’ features is to first figure out what will be end objectives of such an initiative. Broadly there can be five goals:

Managing availability
PointManaging visibility
Minimizing expiry / return
Better control on distributors
Enabling deep penetration across geography

Once the end objectives are clearly noted, once should brainstorm what features the solution must have (both on the app and on the web interface) which will help in meeting these goals. While doing that, it must also be kept in mind that the same solution must be capable enough to be used by merchandisers as well as sales executives so that consolidated data can be seen in one single solution only. We are listing down some features of Quickmas in an FMCG SFA solution:

Order Capture: This is a very obvious and most important feature to have when you want your sales executives / sales officers to use a mobile solution. It must be capable of being integrated with distributor billing system (DMS or ERP) with readymade APIs available. This will not only help you to maintain timely replenishment to the retailers, but will also help do some predictive analytics in terms of SKU or region wise demand.

Order Fulfilment: A major problem faced by the FMCG companies is not having clarity on whether distributors are able to fulfill the orders on time or not. A complete visibility of order fulfilment will help in improving retailer confidence on the brand and can also help in finding indicators to capture inefficiencies in the distribution network, if any.

Retailer Stock: For any FMCG company, it is absolutely important to maintain sufficient availability at the outlets. Not just from retailers’ point of view, but also for the end customer his brand loyalty can be impacted if he sees his favorite brand is out of stock more often than not. So there must be complete visibility of critical and alarming stock levels so that the same data can be corelated with order fulfilment to initiate necessary actions.

Product Expiry: While maintaining high availability can boost your sales, an excess of it can result in significant loss, especially for perishable products. Also, for such products, freshness matters a lot to the customers. So, the solution must be able to capture details of SKUs which are expiring in near future. It can not only save you from immediate losses, but can also help in predictive analytics for regional demand planning.

Promotions & Offers: Promotional activities play a big role in FMCG sales and companies usually spend a huge money on the same. It is particularly important to track if these promotions and offers are clearly visible to the customers when they step into the outlets. These can be POSMs, sampling, store-in-store or any other activity. Tracking the same will help in taking quick and immediate action in case of any default.

Share of Shelf: Importance of visibility need not to be separately spelled out for any FMCG company. Are your products occupying enough shelf space? Are they placed in ‘Hot Zone’ (especially if you have paid for the same)? Ideally for any product, you should always have a share of shelf which is higher than your market share in that segment. The solution must be capable enough to provide you that insight.

Upload Picture of Shelf Sharing: Take pictures and upload to the system to know your shelf share, your products occupying zone, other competitors share etc. This report helps you to acquire more locations for shelf sharing.

Trade Schemes: While you run your schemes to entice the retailers, it is not very uncommon in FMCG industry that those schemes are not always completely from distributors to the retailers. In fact, many a times retailers are not even of such schemes. The field force solution must have capability to create such schemes and make it visible in the app when the sales person is visiting the retailer.

POSM Deployment: Besides sale assignment assign sales person for POS material deployment in retailer's outlet to promote your company, products, campaign etc.

Data Analytics & Visualization: At the end of the day, you would like to get insights about the market from all the various data being captured. So the solution must have some powerful data analysis capability so that you get everything on a mouse click. For example, it is very important to know whether you have enough coverage in the interior part of the country or not and a heat map can show you that information quickly. Or it can help you in creating a more effective Beat Plan if the solution is powered with a capable analytics engine

Retail Business

Quickmas seamless POS and invoicing system can revolutionize your retail business. Quickmas essential features such as inventory tracking, accounting, and built-in timeclocks allow retail owners to spend less time managing the ebb and flow of their operations and more time analyzing how to expand their business. Quickmas POS and invoicing system integrate multiple areas of a business into one interface. Additionally you can manage your non-physical products efficiently with manage “service timeslot booking” from customers. Quickmas POS and invoicing system you can operate and manage your physical and non-physical products

Point of Sales (POS)
Distribution Management
Route to Market (RTM)
Customer relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Support & Service
Personalize Online ordering app

Food & Beverage

Quickmas restaurant management system is designed with capabilities and features to help operate and manage your restaurant and bar. Quickmas POS system is the heart of your restaurant includes many features and functions like simple order taking, inventory control, quality reporting, table management, employee timekeeping, customer management that make running a business more efficiently and ultimately more profitable.

Multi-languages android app
Seamlessly operate by offline and online mode
Real-time token management for order
Print with WiFi or bluetooth printer
Print out to relevant department
Sell and track your food and other goods in one inventory systems
Know your inventory with outlet to outlet transfer facility
Know your sales and sales person performance
Record daily expense of outlet
Table booking management with eCommerce website integrations

Assembling / Manufacturing

In today's extremely competitive manufacturing market, effective production planning and scheduling processes are critical to streamlining production and increasing profits. Success in these areas means increased efficiency, capacity utilization, and reduced time required to complete jobs.

Quickmas Production module help you with predefine production formula for one stop or multiple stage manufacturing process. And proceed to Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling with formula or instant creating a formula including set of markup value from one or multiple machine/unit from one or multiple location.