Retail Business

Quickmas seamless POS and invoicing system can revolutionize your retail business. Quickmas essential features such as inventory tracking, accounting, and built-in timeclocks allow retail owners to spend less time managing the ebb and flow of their operations and more time analyzing how to expand their business. Quickmas POS and invoicing system integrate multiple areas of a business into one interface.


Food & Beverage

Quickmas restaurant management system is designed with capabilities and features to help operate and manage your restaurant and bar. Quickmas POS system is the heart of your restaurant includes many features and functions like simple order taking, inventory control, quality reporting, table management, employee timekeeping, customer management that make running a business more efficiently and ultimately more profitable.


Service Renderer

Quickmas service management systems includes all features of Quickmas retail business, additionally you can manage your non-physical products efficiently with manage “service timeslot booking” from customers. Quickmas POS and invoicing system you can operate and manage your physical and non-physical products.


Assembling / Manufacturing

In today's extremely competitive manufacturing market, effective production planning and scheduling processes are critical to streamlining production and increasing profits. Success in these areas means increased efficiency, capacity utilization, and reduced time required to complete jobs.

Quickmas Production module help you with predefine production formula for one stop or multiple stage manufacturing process. And proceed to Production Planning and Industrial Scheduling with formula or instant creating a formula including set of markup value from one or multiple machine/unit from one or multiple location.


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