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Sales from Distribution

Distributors have to manage the monitoring of the sales, customer, accounts, etc. Managing all the work related to distribution and sales becomes a tedious task with time consumption. The use of cloud-based software to manage all the work is cost-effective and judicious.
Quickmas provides Distribution Management module to manage all your tasks with one software. Through our software, your product delivery is more accurate and fast to achieve customer satisfaction. 
Our DMS has features to generate reports regarding sales, customer history, accounts, stocks, etc. You can save time by getting reports. Through analyzing those reports you can make fast and correct decisions which help to increase your profits.

Managing customers as well as products in warehouses.Monitoring and reporting functionalities that help distributors manage customer information, track product orders, generate invoices/quotes, and automate marketing efforts.
Many ways you can manage your distribution process. Describe here, how to manage your distribution by RTM (Route to Market) system.

RTM (Route to Market)

Distribution Points

  1. Add distribution points for distributors or your own.
  2. As per distribution points requisitions transfer products from central warehouse.
  3. Observe and control distribution points real-time activity
  4. Develop a sales team manage all sales and delivery process

Assignment from Distribution Points

  1. Create route/zone-wise sales assignment for sales person.
  2. Assign one sales person for ‘take order’, ‘product delivery’ and ‘payment receive’ or assign separately.
  3. Create assignment for POSM (point of sale material) and MI (market intelligence) update.
  4. Approve the assignment.
  5. Deliver the assign stock for sales person.

Accept Assignment by Sales Person

  1. Sales person accept the assignment with received the stock from android app or using web portal from smartphone.
  2. Sales person may request for edit assignment when need more product in the assign period.
  3. Using android app, sales person can do sales activity in online or offline. If offline, sales person will do the sales activity without internet and sync with the central database after end of the assign period.
  4. From web portal all activity will sync in real-time with the central database

Follow-Up & Closed Assignment

  1. Warehouse manager and management see the real-time filed activity.
  2. After closed assignment by the sales person warehouse manager will see the closing product stock and cash as return to him. After count he will received all to final close the assignment.


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