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Any procurement module can't be a perfect until you customize it your own way.
Quickmas procurement is usually divided into four major processes: planning, selection, administering and closing procurements. Planning involves the creation of the official procurement management plan and selection based on previous history, documents… available in the software.

Product Catalog

  1. Create product with different group like color, size etc with images.
  2. Add eCommerce features for getting online orders.
  3. Create fixed asset and stationary item with images and other info.
  4. Barcode automatically ready for printing when create product.

Product Requisition, Bills, Warehousing and Payment

  1. Create requisition from need recognition or from inventory alert
  2. Approve requisition and vendor selection.
  3. Invite quotation.
  4. Search the previous purchase negotiation histories to negotiate for new purchase,
  5. Approve the quotation.
  6. Create purchase order or bills with upload/scan negotiation note & contract copy for future reference.
  7. Receive goods or services with insert expire date if any.
  8. Pay the bills as per contact
  9. Purchase also can be directly from bills to pay where no need to create requisition or pre-order.

Product Movement

  1. Product movement history i.e. purchase, sales, transfer with supporting document
  2. Search product or a brand to see the sales performance for a period.

Product Documents

  1. Scan or upload documents when create transactions for purchase process.
  2. Track every transactions with documents

Relashionship between procurement and supply chain management

Procurement emphasizes on input; supply chain management focuses on output and delivery

While procurement has an input focus, supply chain management is more output-oriented and deals with what it takes to get your products and services into the hands of your customers as efficiently as possible.

Procurement deals with acquiring supplies; supply chain management encompasses all that and more

Procurement can be seen as a microcosm within the wider macrocosm, supply chain management.

While procurement only emphasizes building supplier relationships and managing them to ensure they can be leveraged to deliver the supplies your organization needs to function, supply chain management includes all that into its big bracket.

As it stands, procurement exists as a branch of supply chain management since it assists in getting the inputs that get processed into finished products.

Procurement supports production; supply chain management encompasses production and distribution

Procurement exists as a very significant support function within the business management equation as it’s essentially only concerned with ensuring the constant flow of the supplies an organization needs to process into finished products.

Supply chain management, on the other hand, is the main function that is supported by procurement.

In essence, supply chain management deals with how supplies are transformed into finished goods and distributed to the customers.

Supply chain management is all-encompassing, while procurement exists to support it with the input it needs to work.

Both procurement and supply chain management are quite similar in many ways.

Both procurement and supply chain management assist in delivering your business goals and targets

Supply chain management and procurement are both internal operations; they may require input from external stakeholders but their core still remains within your organization

Procurement and supply chain management has to be managed proactively in order to support your business operations

In conclusion, if you’re ever going to make sense of both your procurement and supply chain management, you need a tool designed for just that.

More specifically, you need a tool that’s built with an understanding of the differences between procurement and supply chain management.

Using Quickmas Procurement module, you can:

  • Source, onboard, and engage suppliers from a huge pool
  • Simplify purchasing with product catalogs
  • Manage your internal production process with our project management tools
  • Manage suppliers, distributors, and logistics from a single tool,
  • Support countless supplier payment options, and finally,
  • Bring all your procurement into one source of truth.

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