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Asset management software is a systematic process of owning and operating physical assets effectively. The basic operations in this software involve capacity, facility inventory, assets valuation, severity, and condition assessment.
Moreover, the software is used to record and track a company's assets throughout its life cycle. The main goal of asset management software is to help grow a business. How does it do?
Asset management software does it by minimizing the total cost of obtaining, maintaining, and operating assets. So, the company gets more control over operations and allows running assets at peak performance.
With the depth of experience and great expertise, it ensures a faster and smoother record. It carefully observes the records with periodic checkpoints for data accuracy.
However, it combines highly detailed recording through a user-friendly interface. It mainly includes the record of;

  • Asset listing
  • Revaluation
  • Physical verification
  • Asset document management
  • Depreciation
  • Disposal and existing asset
  • Wastage and report
  • Components and attachments
  • Buying price and current valuation
  • Maintenance dates and costs
  • Associated asset management costs
  • Cost center and ownership
  • Movement in different places
  • Asset location and responsible employee
  • Supplier & maintenance provider
  • Budget tracking and variance
  • Locking and unlocking of periods
  • Budgeted v/s actual depreciation
  • Budgeted v/s actual acquisition

Track everything from Mobile to lawnmowers

Our flexible technology can be shaped to fit your specific asset management needs.

Your business is unique, and so is your stuff. We understand this problem, so we’ve designed asset management software that can track anything and is highly configurable to the way you currently manage your equipment. We believe that better asset tracking leads to better business performance – you keep your stuff nice, you know where it should be, and you prevent losses and damage.


It pays to save time

Right now, you probably spend way too much time dealing with asset management – perhaps more than you even realize. With Quickmas on your side, you can potentially see savings that are eight times what you spend with us from all the time you’re able to get back (and that’s before tax savings or reduced asset losses are taken into account).


Smarter than the average spreadsheet

Our asset management software puts the whole picture at your fingertips

Using Quickmas Asset Management you won't have to sift through cluttered asset management spreadsheet records anymore. With our consolidated asset tracking software, you’ll be able to see full action histories, warranty information, user manuals, and photos all in one convenient place.


Get your team on the same page

From the board room to the stock room, our asset tracking software can be shared with everyone in your organization

Our asset tracking software can be accessed by as many people as needed. This means your executives can easily view reports, your managers can see asset history, and your front line workers can manage assets on the move.


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